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Join Derbyshire Constabulary and you’ll find a team that pulls together, across departments to protect the people of Derbyshire. Whatever your role, you’ll be working alongside a variety of highly motivated, ambitious and capable people.

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Frontline Policing

What's your route in to the force?

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Police Constable Entry Programme (PCEP)

A more traditional entry route into policing. A two-year training programme that mixes training school, placement at an allocated station and continuous assessment as you work towards become a police officer.

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Detective Constable Programme

Work on some of society’s most challenging issues including child exploitation, sexual assault and murder. Driven by a personal mission of working to protect the victims of crime from future harm.

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Police Constable Degree Holder Entry Programme

As an operational officer you’ll get to learn both 'on the job' and by studying at university over a two-year period, where you’ll be able to gain a Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

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Police Constable Degree Apprenticeships

Obtain a fully-funded degree while working and earn a salary as a police officer on our three-year Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA).

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Supporting our frontline

What would you like to do?

Force Control Room

Be a key member of the team that handles the majority of incoming contact for the Constabulary. Providing a first-class service to the public and interacting with a vast array of people.

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Police Community Support Officers

Tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in your local community. It can be demanding and exciting role. Patrolling, on foot or bicycle, to ensure a highly visible presence on our streets, in all weathers.

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Detective Staff Investigators

Investigating serious and complex crime, while training to PIP2 level (equivalent to detective constable). You could be dealing with robbery one day, only to be confronted with a potential murder the next.

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Crime Support

Protect our community - especially the most vulnerable – using the latest equipment and technology, alongside sophisticated working practices and techniques, to investigate and prevent offences.

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East Midlands Special Operations Unit

One of the largest collaborative units of its kind in the country. A variety of police officer, specialist and police staff roles deliver specialist capabilities on behalf of the five East Midlands police forces.

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Criminal Justice

Support the Constabulary’s investigators by undertaking specialist training and joining one of the many teams that help victims and witnesses and bring offenders to justice.

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East Midlands Legal Services

Work with the five East Midlands police forces in some of the most interesting areas of the law.

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Supporting the constabulary

What is your area of expertise?

Business Change and Innovation

Make sure that the Constabulary is ready to meet and tackle the unpredictable policing challenges of the future. Whatever they may be.

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Communications and Engagement

Deliver the effective external and internal communications that are critical to effective policing. From appeal to the public for information to keeping our people well-informed and connected.

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Corporate Services

Provide insignt and analysis on both Constabulary performance and future trends to evaluate, direct and support our strategic direction and operational delivery.

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Data Protection

Make sure that we have the right information available to the right people at the right time, to help with investigations and to support our wider policing priorities.

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Finance and Business Support

From looking after the Constabulary’s accounts to providing a range of services that keep the organisation running effectively and enable our frontline officers to protect the public.

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Human Resources

Ensure that the Constabulary has the right numbers of skilled people to deliver our services. That they are invested in, well-managed and performing to the best of their ability.

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Information Services

Make sure the right information is available to the right people at the right time. Keep our systems secure, help with investigations and support wider policing priorities.

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Professional Standards

Oversee functions such as vetting, complaints, counter corruption, hearings and learning that may come from misconduct, but also from HMIC inspections, incidents and de-briefs.

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Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration

Coordinate force-wide activity aimed at providing objective, supportive governance and oversight of the Constabulary’s partnership and collaboration arrangements.

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What are you looking to do?

Special Constables

Interested in a career with the police? Join as a Special Constabulary and devote some of your free time to helping the local community.

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Police Support Volunteers

Volunteer and get involved in policing. Work alongside police officers, PCSOs, special constables and police staff to offering support, protecting the public and cutting down crime.

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Police Cadets

Taking the first step towards a long career in policing. Weekly meetings, social action projects and active involvement in local initiatives will offers a real insight into policing.

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Focus on ... Contact Management Operators

Working across the Force Control Room alongside police officers and staff, you will ensure that all 999/101 emergency/non-emergency calls are answered promptly and professionally and are accurately recorded in line with departmental and national targets and guidelines. You will receive a huge variety of calls, often challenging in nature, including reports of missing people, road traffic collisions and crimes in action, to name but a few. At times you will be talking to people in potentially dangerous or vulnerable situations and it is down to you to stay calm and determine the most appropriate response.

You will be trained and supported to effectively manage operational policing incidents, ensuring that adequate resources are deployed to provide a first-class quality service. Please note no annual leave or time off will be granted during your training programme except for exceptional circumstances. You will be required to provide any planned leave post training.

Our Contact Management Operators are assigned to one of two main areas, contact handling and radio dispatch. Following your basic training, you will be allocated to one element initially, however you will receive ongoing training to become multi-skilled in both areas as your career progresses.

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To apply for the role, you must attend a webinar beforehand. Once you’ve attended an event you will be provided with the link to the application form to be able to apply

Registration is required - Have a look at our event timetable and register for the event you wish to attend.

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Derbyshire Constabulary is a very supportive organisation with a family feel to it. The leadership team are open to staff views, encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

There’s a real sense of family and a feeling of working together as a team for one cause. Derbyshire Constabulary is a supporting employer who recognises hard work.

At Derbyshire Constabulary, everyone is friendly and supportive and genuinely wants to do a good job and serve the public. Without a doubt but it is one of the best forces to work for.

There’s a chance to make good friends. Your team really make the job worth doing, and you occasionally make a difference to people's lives. It can be really exciting at times.

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Derbyshire Constabulary is a great place to work. Friendly professional colleagues working in a progressive organisation at the forefront of modern-day policing.

Policing with Derbyshire Constabulary is a rewarding role with great responsibility. Different career paths allow you to challenge yourself and achieve your best. There’s structure to your career, but definitely not your day.

I worked as a Special Constable with Derbyshire Constabulary and was mentored by the senior Officers. I learnt a lot whilst working there and thoroughly enjoyed the mood and working environment.

Derbyshire Constabulary is very professional, superb and untarnished organisation. Anyone looking to develop life skills and bring their skills should consider them.