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What you could be doing | Finance and Business Support


Working in Finance and Business Support

In Finance and Business Support, we’re involved in a wide range of activities, from looking after the force’s accounts to providing a range of services that keep the organisation running effectively.

Join one of our teams and you’ll use your personal and professional skills to deliver high quality support services that enable our frontline officers to protect the public. Whether you’re helping to safeguard our finances, welcoming visitors to one of our buildings or ensuring that officers have all the right equipment they need, you’ll be playing a key supporting role in helping communities across Derbyshire.

Two police officers and two staff members in a meeting.

Our Finance and Business teams


Our Assets team are involved in a range of services relating to our property, assets and estates management.

In particular, you’ll make a big contribution to our strategy of ensuring that all the constabulary’s buildings are safe, fit for purpose and cost effective, as well as planning the properties of the future.

You could contribute to keeping our building well maintained and repaired, helping to manage construction projects and electrical or mechanical installations, managing our use of energy, or estate management.

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Our central support services teams cover a wide range of vital business activities, from administering systems business correspondence and providing the friendly face to the force at our reception desks, to looking after our uniform and equipment stores, helping to ensure that our officers have the tools and clothing they need to get the job done.

Two police officers and a staff member sit in a meeting.


With many of our teams covering large geographical areas, our fleet of police vehicles is vital to ensure we provide effective policing to all the corners of Derbyshire.

Join our fleet management team and you’ll help to make sure we have the well-maintained vehicles we need. You could be involved in establishing fleet policy, managing vehicle contracts and replacements, overseeing insurance and repairs, managing fuel accounts, organising hire vehicles, managing maintenance contracts or disposing of vehicles.

A police staff member sits talking to a police officer.


Join this team and you’ll help to advise and support the force on a wide variety of financial services. You could be involved in accounting activities linked to pay, pensions, expenses, creditor payments, banking of income and treasury management.

Alternatively, in the strategic finance team, you might be advising on budgeting, grants, efficiency planning, police officer overtime and performance indicators.

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We support the force and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) in securing and managing a range of high value tenders and contracts, generally worth over £25,000. The aim is to gain the best value for money for the people of Derbyshire.

As well as dealing directly with high-value tenders, we also offer advice and guidance to teams across the force on any aspect of procurement and contract management.

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When anyone within the force needs to place an order from an external supplier, the Ordering team manages that process.

From processing the purchase requisition and dealing direct with the supplier, to handling goods receipt notes when the team have received their order, we’re involved at every stage of the order.

We also use our professional knowledge to advise and support teams in getting quotes for orders with a value of less than £25,000.

A police staff member sits talking to a police officer.


When there’s been a road traffic collision and our officers have attended the scene, we’re often contacted by members of the public, solicitors and insurance companies for information.

Join this team and you’ll help us to respond to these requests as efficiently and accurately as possible, helping to minimise the impact of an often life-changing incident.

Two police officers sit in a meeting with two members of police staff.

Investing in your development

We know that to protect and support our community effectively we need to keep up-to-date with new approaches, processes and technologies. This means that there will always be opportunities for training and professional development. We’ll continuously review your training needs and help succeed in your role. We’ll challenge you to work outside your comfort zone. And we’ll encourage you to grow. 

As well as professional training and a range of in-house training opportunities, you can also look forward to plenty of personal support. This might be from your colleagues in the team, new opportunities that become available or through membership of one of our many staff associations.

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