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Effective external and internal communications are critical to effective policing

Working in Communications and Engagement

Effective external and internal communications are critical to effective policing. For example, when we appeal to the public for information, or aim to influence their thoughts about the organisation. Or to keep our people well-informed and connected so they can work effectively.

Working in this team means no two days are the same. You get to work with really interesting people who are helping to keep the public safe, sometimes on major national events. For example, in 2019 we kept frontline officers and the public up to date with the concerns about a potential breach of Toddbrook Dam at Whaley Bridge.

Two police staff and two police officers sit in a meeting.

Our Communications and Engagement teams

Media and Communications Team

Media and Communications Team

The Media and Communications Team provides a 24-hour on-call service offering specialist advice internally on dealing with the media and are on hand to assist with critical incidents where communication is required.

We produce external communications to prevent and detect crime via appeals. We are also involved in reputation management and give training to a cross-section of officers.

Engagement Team

Engagement Team

The Engagement Team is responsible for enhancing and developing engagement work both internally and externally to the constabulary.

The team works with other departments to ensure the force has an up-to-date campaigns calendar and that national, regional, and local campaigns are planned.

It offers assistance and specialist advice and support to departments when working on campaigns from the planning stage through to evaluation.

Multimedia Communications Team

Multimedia Communications Team

This team is responsible for the force’s video content output, ranging from high profile campaign work for external audiences, to vlogs and explainer animation videos used internally.

Digital Communications Development Team

Digital Communications Development Team

Responsible for the development of the constabulary’s internal and external digital communications platforms which covers its website, intranet, and social media accounts.

It sets the direction and structure for the advice and guidance on content across its website and intranet, as well as producing and maintaining it.

Design and Print

Design and Print

The Design and Print team provides a comprehensive range of creative digital services from design through to the final product, providing departments, police officers and partnerships - throughout Derbyshire and neighbouring counties - a professional design, print and photography service.

Investing in your development

It’s essential that we keep up-to-date with the latest communication tactics and trends, so we’re always looking at training opportunities. Join us and this means you’ll find a range of in-house, on-the-job and external training available to you. This can cover a full range of skills.

As members of the Association of Police Communicators (APCOMM), we have access to courses ranging from media law training to a national learning academy and a series of workshops throughout the year. If appropriate, you might even have the chance to go on a five-day residential Press Officer development course.

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Meet some of the team

Ellie Eaton, Content Creation Apprentice

I joined Derbyshire Constabulary in 2021 after finishing my GCSE’s. I loved the idea of being in a fast-paced communications environment and the thought of dealing with real life scenarios really excited me.

After my first apprenticeship in Business Admin, I have recently started my second apprenticeship in Content Creation as I love to follow my creative ideas through from start to finish.

It’s great to be a part of this team; everyone is always so happy to help and pass on their own knowledge. Even though there are a wide range of different skills in the office, it is apparent that we all have a part to play and will support each other with whatever we can. 

I am glad I chose this career path as I have developed a ranging set of skills from designing social media content to video production thanks to the team’s constant support.

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Current opportunities

Sorry, we don’t currently have any vacancies in our Communications and Engagement teams.

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