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What you could be doing | Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration

We’re operating in collaboration with others for everyone’s mutual benefit

Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration

While we’re a relatively small team, the work we do in Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration has a positive and lasting impact. As a team, we coordinate force-wide activity aimed at providing objective, supportive governance and oversight of the Constabulary’s partnership and collaboration arrangements.

At the heart of everything we do and everything that we’re involved in, is a clear emphasis on prevention, particularly through problem solving within neighbourhood policing. Major projects we are involved in include a refocus on county-wide partnership priorities, introducing a force-wide model for problem solving and implementing a review of neighbourhood policing.

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Our Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration teams



This team is led by an Inspector and it’s their job to coordinate our work with other organisations to make sure that we are working to commonly agreed objectives against a common understanding of threat, harm, risk and vulnerability.



Headed by a Sergeant, the team’s primary aim is to scope, coordinate and expand our all-important prevention work.



Headed up by a Chief Inspector, this team has an important role to play in fostering even greater collaboration with the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Why join the team?

The climate we operate in means that partnership working and collaboration with others for mutual benefit is as important as ever and certainly here to stay. The opportunities to innovate and try new things, while implementing initiatives and projects to improve the lives of others are huge, with many exciting challenges lying ahead.

And precisely because many new, exciting challenges lie ahead, we are a team big on learning and development. There’s a huge amount of training available to you here, from in-house workshops to online courses. We’ll encourage and support you to build up your understanding of the partnership landscape as well as the multi-faceted responses to community issues, threats, harms, risks and vulnerabilities.

We look for people with real honesty and integrity. Individuals who are able to accept responsibility for those times things don’t go according to plan, then learn and move on. And we want you to be ambitious too. To have the appetite and desire to do the best job possible, to grow personally as well as professionally and, ultimately, to help us be the best police force we can be.

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Current opportunities

Sorry, we don’t currently have any vacancies in our Partnerships, Prevention and Collaboration teams.

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