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We’re using increasingly sophisticated techniques to protect our community

Crime Support

Crime Support is made up of a number of specialist sections. Each section employs highly skilled officers and makes full use of the latest equipment and technology, alongside sophisticated working practices and techniques, to investigate and prevent offences. Ultimately, our work protects people - especially those who are the most vulnerable within our community. 

We work closely with other regional forces and agencies too, including the National Crime Agency, UK Human Trafficking Centre, and HM Customs & Excise, to combat serious and organised crime, including terrorism.

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Our Crime Support teams

Digital Investigations Unit (DIU)

Digital Investigations Unit (DIU)

This department is made up of a Digital Media Investigation Unit, a Digital Forensics Unit, a Cybercrime Unit and a Communication Data Investigation Unit. 

These four teams provide support to investigators digital investigation enquires across the county, with the cybercrime unit investigating all cyber-enabled crimes. This area of the force is amongst the fastest changing. Our digital forensics unit alone processed and reviewed approximately 1,000 TB of data last year and we expect this figure to increase substantially when 5G goes mainstream. 

Being a team player is essential in the digital investigation world, as everyone relies on everyone else to share knowledge and information. We have a great environment and our teams are involved in interesting and exciting work. What we do makes a real difference to investigations and the victims of crime. As highlighted, the digital investigation world is moving along at a rapid pace and those working for Derbyshire Constabulary will be at the forefront as we move forward.

Force Intellingence Management Unit (FIMU)

Force Intellingence Management Unit (FIMU)

The ever-evolving FIMU offers a range of specialist roles and is the main conduit for intelligence coming into and out of the force. The department is purpose built and contains many different functions that assist the force in the management, coordination and development of intelligence led policing. 

We get involved in a wide range of projects, including the ongoing management and coordination of organised crime groups and developing intelligence to support investigations into ATM attacks. We also coordinated the intelligence and provided dedicated intelligence officers to support the Brexit and climate change protests. 

Everyone here is encouraged to innovate and provide new approaches to gathering intelligence. You’ll also have the opportunity to be part of the wider safeguarding of the community locally, regionally and nationally. 

Public Protection Unit (PPU)

Public Protection Unit (PPU)

Situated in the north and south of the county, the PPU works closely with partner agencies to provide a consistent, supportive approach to victims. 

Our nine teams investigate crimes and deal with offences relating to child abuse and exploitation, rape and domestic abuse. As well as assessing the risk to victims and members of the public, we utilise agencies to mitigate any risk identified. 

To work here you need to be highly motivated and hard working, with great communication skills - someone who cares and wants to do the right thing for the right reasons. PPU is a place where you can have a significant effect on someone’s life whether a victim who’s been subjected to or is at risk of serious offences or the public in general. We deal with the most vulnerable people and protecting them is a fundamental reason as to why we joined the force in the first place. It can be incredibly frustrating, but equally incredibly rewarding.

Specialist Crime Unit (SCU)

Specialist Crime Unit (SCU)

The SCU deals with the risk and threat presented by organised crime groups that cause the most significant harm and impact on our communities. 

A good example of this would be Operation Halifax - an investigation into drug misuse and supply in Derby city centre. At the conclusion of the investigation 80 people had been arrested and a total of 131 years imprisonment received. 

Working in Crime Support

David Ball, Temporary Detective Chief Inspector

My granddad was a police inspector in Nottinghamshire and he ultimately said he joined the police because he wanted to help people. And so to me he was a bit of a role model at the time and I thought, "that’s what I want to do".

My advice to somebody who wanted to go down the intelligence route is learn the intelligence model, what does that practically look like? Try and get yourself an attachment to the division, the intelligence unit. Being energetic in terms of your pursuit of the truth around intelligence.

More about David's life in the force

Working in Crime Support

Paul Carrington, Detective Inspector and Operation Lead

I initially worked for the Constabulary as a communications officer, having joined the force as a Constable in 1990. During my career I’ve seen many changes and difficult times when we operated without a license. However, I’ve also seen Derbyshire progress to be one of the best forces in the country.

I’ve enjoyed each and every role and worked with some fantastic colleagues. The majority of my roles have been in CID, PPU and Specialist Units as I’m fascinated by crime investigation. I’m also proud to be part of a forward thinking organization that’s always been supportive and, as a result, made me a better person, officer and colleague.


Working in Crime Support

Rachel Kibblewhite, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Cheshire Police

See Rachel discuss how she turned her accountancy skills into a vital role providing evidential analysing capabilities to Cheshire Police.

More about Rachel's life in the force
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Investing in your development

The training you’ll receive depends on which department you join. The Specialist Crime Unit provides comprehensive detective constable training, as well as Advanced Driver and Surveillance courses. Join FIMU as an intelligence officer and you’ll benefit from bespoke training courses that are not readily available elsewhere. These include courses to understand intelligence, financial intelligence and digital media investigations.

Within the PPU full training is provided relevant to your intended specialism, of which there are quite a few. And, if digital is your thing, the Digital Investigation Unit looks for technical ability and a willingness to learn and develop with all new members being provided with rigorous in-depth training in a relevant field.

A police officer gives a presentation to other officers

Current opportunities

Sorry, we don’t currently have any vacancies in our Crime Support teams.

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