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We’re continuously looking ahead as we promote a culture of innovation

Business Change and Innovation

The policing challenges of the future are unpredictable, but we need to be ready to meet whatever they may be. In the Business Change and Innovation team, we aim to make sure that the constabulary is ready to tackle those challenges.

How? By always looking at ways to continuously improve how we do things. By constantly looking ahead and promoting an innovative culture. And by thinking creatively so we can make the organisation consistently better, both for the communities we serve and the people who work here.

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Our Business Change and Innovation teams

Business Change

Business Change

In this team, we support a variety of large business projects that have a wide influence on the way the constabulary operates. These include defining and driving any key cultural changes that will improve the way we work.

We’re also involved in major national initiatives, such as the National Enabling Programme. This UK-wide programme aims to give police forces a secure technical platform and national standards for collaboration. And we support business leads with research that makes sure any ideas and suggestions are reviewed and ready to be presented to the board.

Business Intelligence Team

Business Intelligence Team

In this team, we develop a range of business intelligence products under the analytics programme to support a variety of projects.

Programme Office

Programme Office

As the constabulary introduces new programmes and projects to enable us to develop new capabilities, we need effective project management. That’s where the Programme Office comes in. It’s our job to coordinate all the different programmes and projects, so each one is delivered on time and budget and meets all its required objectives.

Strategic Change

Strategic Change

As we introduce new ways of working and adapt our organisational culture, this team makes sure that we can still deliver our services effectively. How? By developing the existing operating model so we can be certain that we’re shaping how we deliver our services successfully.

Investing in your development

We’re looking for open-minded people who can be analytical and innovative, with the ability to explain their thinking to people at all levels.

If you have these qualities, you’ll find a team where you’re always learning. We’ll constantly review your training needs and give you the opportunity to work outside your comfort zone. As well as professional training, you can also look forward to plenty of personal support. This might be from your colleagues in the team, or through membership of one of our many staff associations.

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Meet some of the team

David Nash, Head of Business Intelligence

I’m a relative newbie to the force, having worked in analytics in the private sector for over 20 years. I decided it was time to help add value to where I live, and I’m really glad I did. The people, the family feel, the offices, the facilities, the support, the training, the difference we make every day – you name it, it’s all great.

What struck me was how everyone’s focused on the same goal of keeping people safe. And, being taken out on patrol with officers and getting a real appreciation for the many roles they have to carry out – I’m amazed by their dedication and skill.

Profiles-14 - David Nash - Head of Business Intelligence.jpg

Current opportunities

Sorry, we don’t currently have any vacancies in our Business Change and Innovation teams.

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