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About us

It's truly vibrant, diverse and rewarding work, protecting everyone in Derbyshire

Welcome to Derbyshire Constabulary

Join Derbyshire Constabulary and you’ll find a team that pulls together, across departments to protect the people of Derbyshire. Whatever your role, you’ll be working alongside a variety of highly motivated, ambitious and capable people.

Most importantly, you’ll play a unique role in helping us to keep Derbyshire as one of the safest places to live and work in England.

More about us

What we do

Policing in Derbyshire takes more than 3,500 people in a wide range of roles. Around half of these are police officers, but we also have a variety of police staff. From police community support officers to police staff and volunteers, we all play an equally important role in protecting the people of Derbyshire.

It’s a vibrant, challenging and rewarding place to work and we’re committed to equality and diversity. We aim to create a constabulary that truly reflects the communities we serve. As part of this, we promote Positive Action. This means when you apply to join us, as well as assessing you on merit, we’ll look at your application according to our need and in line with current legislation to actively encourage a more diverse workforce.

Our guiding principles

Our key purpose is to ‘Make Derbyshire Safer Together’. To achieve this, we follow a set of principles that play an important role in our daily lives. Join us and you’ll find they become instinctive, influencing how you work, your decisions and choices, and how you relate to the people around you.

Do the right thing
We’ll give you the scope to make your own decisions, based on your personal values of respecting the people we serve, being honest and acting with the utmost integrity. This means we’ll trust you to be accountable for doing the right things in the right way. 

Making a difference
In all our work, we respect everyone. We’re always looking to make positive change to how we do things. We use our professional judgement to make the right choices, based on evidence, that enable us all to develop. In short, we lead in the right way – fairly, respectfully and by setting a good example for others.

Shaping the future
We’ll enable you to bring us your ideas, whatever your role, to be selfless in your approach and do what’s right for the public, not just the constabulary. As an organisation, we’ll encourage you to develop and grow by admitting, sharing and learning from your mistakes, rather than hiding them.

The constabulary in numbers




police officers


police staff


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Our divisional area map

North Division

North Division comprises the areas of Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Bolsover, High Peak, Derbyshire Dales and Amber Valley. It covers Chesterfield, Clay Cross, Dronfield, Staveley and surroundings. It includes many parts of Bolsover District Council and also covers the Amber Valley area, including Ripley, Belper and Alfreton amongst others. North Division also covers the north west of the county, spreading as far as New Mills in the north to Ashbourne in the south, taking in Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock and many other towns inbetween.

South Division

The Derby, Derby South and Erewash area is referred to in policing terms as 'South Division'. It includes Derby City Centre as wells as Allestree, Chaddesden, Mickleover and Swadlincote, to give just a few examples. It also includes areas around Ilkeston, Sandiacre and Long Eaton amongst others.

Map of Derbyshire with Glossop, Buxton, Chesterfield, Ashbourne, Ripley, Derby and Swadlincote marked.

A brief history of Derbyshire Constabulary

Derbyshire Constabulary was formed in 1857 with 156 men covering eight divisions and it's headquarters at Belper. Today, with four larger divisions in Alfreton, Buxton, Chesterfield and Derby, we’ve grown into an organisation over 3,500 strong, so our original Latin motto, ‘VIS UNITA FORTIOR’, still holds true - ‘strength united is greater’.


Derbyshire Constabulary forms with 156 men and eight divisions and its headquarters at Belper.


Moves to Derby with temporary accommodation at St. James’ Terrace.


Moves to St. Mary’s Gate. All beats worked by foot, with the only transportation in the form of a pony and trap.


Constabulary grows to 282 men.


Telephones installed at divisional HQ. Revolutionary at the time.


Derbyshire Constabulary starts using fingerprints and forensic evidence to solve crimes.


Sets up a criminal record office.


Constabulary purchases AJS motorcycles and sidecars for the first motor patrols. Later replaced by Austin and then MG sports cars.


Chesterfield Borough Police and Glossop Police amalgamates with Derbyshire Constabulary.


Police Headquarters and county offices moves to Matlock. Premises in Derby had become too small.


Derby Borough Police amalgamates with the Constabulary to form Derby County and Borough Constabulary.


The force headquarters moves to its current location at Butterley Hall, Ripley.


The force re-adopts the name of Derbyshire Constabulary.


Derbyshire Constabulary consists of four divisions: Alfreton, Buxton, Chesterfield and Derby.

Investing in the future

We’re investing to make Derbyshire a safe and inclusive county. How? By making sure our resources and activities support the Police and Crime Plan, and focusing on visibility and engagement. As part of this, we’re reshaping our community policing. We’re training officers for new roles and continuing to recruit new PCSOs. We’re also introducing new neighbourhood investigation officers and recruiting 20 new police officers, including seven who used to be PCSOs. This will give us increased visibility in local communities, so we can improve road safety, give vulnerable people more support and investigate more incidents. 

We’ll be tackling issues like fly tipping, parking on pavements and dog fouling. At the same time, we’ll respond to new and emerging crimes such as child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, human trafficking and cybercrime. We’re continuing our pioneering approach to cracking down on drug and alcohol-related crimes, hate crime, heritage, rural and wildlife crime. And we’ll make sure we give people in mental health crisis the support and services they need.

We’ll carry on asking the government for fairer funding for Derbyshire and opposing G4S-style privatisation. We’re also working closely with a range of partner organisations to lower re-offending and keep young people out of the criminal justice system. Most importantly, we’re investing to ensure that we continue to provide an accessible, strong, active and effective police service for all our communities. 

Our accomplishments


We cover 1,631 square miles of Derbyshire


We protect and serve over one million people


We investigate over 55,000 crimes each year


We take over 2,300 service calls each day