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What you could be doing | Information Services

We’re continually improving the services we provide to meet the Force’s strategic aims

Working in Information Services

In Information Services, we’re responsible for continually reviewing and improving the technologically-based services and business processes we provide to meet the force’s strategic aims.

Our aim is to deliver the technology that will achieve digital excellence right across the force. Along the way, we work on some really interesting projects. Plans as varied as mobile device optimisation, launching drones to provide live streaming at major incidents or moving our technology to a hybrid approach for cloud storage. We positively develop our people, through individual ‘check-in’ sessions, relevant role-based training to support future technology and shadowing to help staff to better understand growth areas.

To work here you need honesty, dedication, commitment, and an agile and flexible team-based approach. You also need to be calm under pressure, a good decision maker and communicator with great customer service and problem-solving skills. A real desire to work in an exciting, fast moving and diverse technology environment where you’ll get directly involved with officers and staff alike to enhance our service to the public is important too. 

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Our Information Services teams

Application Services

Application Services

This team is responsible for ensuring that application support activities are delivered effectively and in line with organisation requirements and that IT applications continue to perform and meet organisational need.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

This team is focused on the delivery and optimising of digital solutions for the force and works closely with our Business Change and Innovation Team to ensure we’re utilising the right technology for the organisation. The team also plans upgrades and changes to the hidden infrastructure that our digital solutions rely on. 

Network and Communications

Network and Communications

The Network and Communications Team are responsible for the design, management, operational delivery, fault finding and rectification of the force network, telephony and radio systems. Through the management of a team providing and presenting a high service ethic, and a focus on achieving service commitments, they provide critical functions to all five East Midlands forces and EMSOU.

Optimising Technology Team

Optimising Technology Team

The development of the force’s technology solutions is down to our Optimising Technology Team. They support the ongoing design, development and implementation of technology to maximise the most efficient and effective ways of working. They also use their organisational knowledge to recognise organisational risks and issues and embed new capabilities and realise benefits.

Service Desk

Service Desk

The Service Desk’s primary focus is on request fulfilment and incident management. They’re responsible for recording and handling all IT incidents and requests and maintaining records on users and assets. 

They provide a communications interface between the department, customers and suppliers.

Technical Development

Technical Development

This team is responsible for the design, development and implementation of technical solutions to support a variety of projects. They also ensure that the availability and capacity of all of the servers and storage used by the force is designed to the levels of service required and manage the operation of the technical infrastructure needed to deliver, support and monitor the capacity and performance of our IS systems.

Workplace and Mobility

Workplace and Mobility

Workplace and Mobility are responsible for the lifecycle maintenance of desktop and device-based services. 

Day-to-day, they resolve complex issues and provide installations, moves, additions, changes and de-installations. They also ensure user satisfaction by providing preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and quickly resolving problems.

They focus on managing mobile devices and PCs in an innovative way and ensuring all incidents, problems, changes and requests are handled to agreed procedures.

Investing in your development

We know that to protect and support our community effectively we need to keep up-to-date with new approaches, processes and technologies. This means that there will always be opportunities for training and professional development. We’ll continuously review your training needs and help succeed in your role. We’ll challenge you to work outside your comfort zone. And we’ll encourage you to grow. 

As well as professional training and a range of in-house training opportunities, you can also look forward to plenty of personal support. This might be from your colleagues in the team, new opportunities that become available or through membership of one of our many staff associations.

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Meet some of the team

Ed West, Business Systems Administrator

I’d always wanted to be involved in helping to protect and aid the public. I was also attracted by the challenge of the ever-changing landscape of technology in policing and the opportunities that come with it. I currently help to support and implement features on the police mobile app. 

I did an apprenticeship in Business Management and Administration before joining the force in 2017. I’ve since achieved ITIL certification in Service Management and been part of the Force’s Development Programme, which has given me invaluable experience for the future. The people here are friendly and keen to help and everyone’s encouraged to come up with ideas.

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Nicola Green, IT Service Desk Manager

I started my career as a library assistant at a University and worked my way up to service desk manager. I’d often heard what a good organisation Derbyshire Constabulary was to work for - and the rumours were true! I quickly came to realise that working here really does feel like a family.

I love being in a frontline customer facing role and leading a team with a great mix of skills and experience. The organisation’s fully supportive and has a very open and friendly feeling. I’d worked for my previous employer for 28 years, so it was a huge step for me. But, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Melanie Hampton, Digital Business Analyst

I’d worked for Derbyshire Constabulary before and really enjoyed it, so when I saw this role advertised I was keen to return. My team is focused on delivering and optimising digital solutions for the Constabulary. It’s a very busy and exciting environment, with various innovation and IT enabling projects on the go. 

The exposure to such diverse projects makes my job incredibly interesting and rewarding and the huge variety of technology we use is unlike anywhere I’ve worked before. My colleagues are really supportive and friendly and there are lots of opportunities to broaden your knowledge. Also, knowing that my work supports frontline staff really does make it a great place to work.

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