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Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

Derbyshire, Forcewide

Salary: £20,118 - £24,156

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Closing date: 11th January, 2023

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Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) act as a key liaison point between local communities and policing. Publicly facing, they provide a visible, accessible and approachable uniformed presence in the community to offer reassurance, defuse situations with threats of conflict, improve confidence and trust, gather information and foster good community relations.

This role holds designated PCSO legal powers of enforcement in line with local Force requirements to support the successful resolution, prevention and deterrent of local crime. PCSOs are also expected to respond to a wider range of non-criminal issues that contribute to vulnerability and safety within the community. They will be expected to act with discretion, making appropriate use of their designated powers and acting within Force guidelines.

PCSOs will patrol on foot, in uniform, to provide a highly visible policing presence in communities. PCSOs will get to know their allocated area and its residents and will focus on long-term problem solving to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in their area as well as improve community confidence.

Develop close working relationships with key community bodies such as local councils, schools, housing associations and community organisations, to gather and provide information, support the vulnerable, promote community cohesion, and identify and tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour.

Develop effective relationships with individuals, including people who are vulnerable and at risk, across the community, providing support and guidance to identify root causes, assess needs, prevent crime, respond to concerns and build trust in policing.

Whist patrolling, PCSOs will deal with incidents they encounter and will be responsible for enforcing law on the streets, calling on police officer colleagues where needed. In such instances, PCSOs will support Police Officers in initial front-line response to incidents enabling resolution to and/or preventing escalation of low-level offending in line with their designated powers and remit, to ensure immediate public safety.

Engage with the public by conducting house-to-house enquiries in order to identify issues affecting local residents as well as giving appropriate crime prevention advice.

PCSOs will promote Derbyshire Alert to the public, both by encouraging residents to sign up and by creating and distributing interesting and relevant material via the system. PCSOs will also make good use of organisational social media profiles to communicate with their communities.

As a key element of the role is upon crime prevention and long-term community development, we are looking for candidates who are happy to make a long-term commitment to the role.

Support the implementation of problem solving and evidence based policing initiatives by championing and applying relevant methodologies and approaches to the area of work.

Salary and Shift Allowance
- £20,118 for the first 6 weeks of training
- £25,687 after training to include shift allowance and weekend working

- Successful applicants would normally be appointed on the bottom of the salary range. Exceptions may apply.
- You will receive 14% shift allowance after the initial 6-week training.
- You will work 34.25 weekend hours per month, for which you will receive an enhancement of 50%.

Skills & Experience Required:

Eligibility Criteria:
• Candidates must be 18 years old by the 9th January or the 27th February 2023
• Candidates must be available to work between 8.00am and midnight, seven days a week
• Candidates must be willing to patrol alone, including lone patrol during the hours of darkness
• Sufficient fitness to patrol the streets on foot or bicycle for long periods of time and in all weather conditions

You must have the following:
• To be educated to Level 2 English (GCSE Grade 9-4) (A-C) or equivalent, or to be able to demonstrate use of English Language to that standard - please provide sufficient evidence by example.
• To be educated to Level 2 Maths (GCSE Grade 9-4) (A-C) or equivalent qualification
If you are a serving PCSO you are not required to hold a level 2 qualification in Maths. Please state you are a current, serving PCSO in the essential criteria for the Maths section, within the application.

Prior to starting your online application, you may find it useful to read our application guidance document, PCSO facts and job description attached to this vacancy. Please also visit our PCSO page of the force website.

We are also offering recruitment webinars to answer any of your application queries. Please register using the links below. Registrations close 24 hours before the start time and the link will be sent to you on the day of the event.

Wednesday 14th December 2022 at 4pm

Thursday 5th January 2023 at 5pm

The closing date for the vacancy is Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 23:55pm.
Best of luck with your application.

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Derbyshire Constabulary
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Working for the constabulary

Policing in Derbyshire takes more than 3,500 people in a wide range of roles. Around half of these are police officers, but we also have a variety of police staff. From police community support officers to police staff and volunteers, we all play an equally important role in protecting the people of Derbyshire.

It’s a vibrant, challenging and rewarding place to work and we’re committed to equality and diversity. We aim to create a constabulary that truly reflects the communities we serve. As part of this, we promote Positive Action. This means when you apply to join us, as well as assessing you on merit, we’ll look at your application according to our need and in line with current legislation to actively encourage a more diverse workforce.