Changing career, Student Officer Christian Crispin

So far, making the decision to change career is truly the best move I have ever made, I just wish I had made the change years ago.

Changing career can be a daunting propect, especially if you've been settled in one for a number of years, but it can be an exciting one too. Student Officer, Christian Crispin, has first hand experience in making the move and explains how exciting it can be:

“Before I came to Derbyshire Constabulary to train as a police officer I worked for Staffordshire County Council in the area of Learning Disability. I worked there for 20 years. My last role before leaving was a secondment to the First Contact Team, within the Adult Learning Disability Team, as a Social Care Practitioner. In this role I completed the initial screening of any individuals over the age of 18 who were unknown to social care. I looked at their eligible care and support needs before referring them through to the appropriate team for social care support, or through to the best third sector agency with the ability to support the needs of the individual under the Care Act. 

“Within the role I had to learn how to talk with individuals who may have different levels of understanding, this was at times when they may have been in the middle of a crisis. Also, at times I was having to give information that they found highly distressing, such as reduction of care support or that they were not eligible for any support from different agencies regardless of how they felt. I had to explain that it was around assessed care needs only. Having practical experience in these areas means that I have the right skills that I will be able to utilise in this role.

“There are a couple of reasons that I wanted to look at changing my career; I wanted to change my role to one where I could make a difference. Also, I have a 12-year-old daughter and I want to make the world just a little safer for her to grow up in.

“At the moment I’m still classroom based as I still have another few weeks until I get out on section. We’re currently learning the different Acts, Sections of Law etc that we will ultimately end up policing. This is tough going if you don’t have a police background but it’s really interesting at the same time.

“When I do get out on section, I’m really looking forward to everyday being different and never really knowing what jobs I’m going to deal with. I’m also looking forward to dealing with the different variety of people in the public arena on a daily basis.

“So far, making the decision to change career is truly the best move I have ever made, I just wish I had made the change years ago. I can honestly say it has pushed me in ways that I didn’t know was possible and I’m sure it will continue to do so in countless other ways into the future. I can only ever recommend this to anyone who is interested in making the leap!”