We’re Better Together: From helping the vulnerable in lockdown, to joining up.

“I feel proud to put on the uniform and put into practice what I have learnt."

Claire Muir has always had an interest in policing and before signing up, she was one of our police volunteers working alongside the Rural Crime Team. Proactive and a team player, Claire has never let the grass grow under her feet. Originally from Tideswell, she’s Derbyshire born and bred. At 17, she started a beauty business, she’s also taught at a secondary college, worked as a tours manager for a local coach business and served as a school governor for ten years.

During the pandemic, she set up and co-ordinated a team of volunteers in her village to help those who were shielding. “I don’t like to see anyone stuck, I always try to look out for other people and help where I can.”

It was during this time that she saw the opportunity to join as an officer and applied, getting the go ahead to start training in September 2021.

Married with a teenage son and a daughter in primary school, family life can be a bit of a juggle. “My husband is an HGV driver so often I’m heading out as soon as he gets in and vice-versa. Planning ahead really helps – and I’m lucky to have a good support network around me.”

She’s applied this approach to her studying too. “During my time at training school last Autumn, I learnt quickly to use the time I had efficiently – making revision cards and completing regular knowledge check questions in preparation for my exams. Little and often is much better than having to cram at the end!”

Claire is coming to the end of her first 10-week tutorship, based in Glossop and finding there is always something new to learn.

“It’s been great to apply what I learnt in training school out in the big wide world. I was a bit daunted by how I was going to remember everything, and deal with situations in real life, but I’ve been made to feel so welcome, and everyone has been really supportive.”

Every shift over the last eight weeks has been different for Claire, and she had dealt with everything from missing people and road traffic collisions to domestic abuse.

“My first call was to a sudden death, and I was mindful that this was someone’s family member and how important it was to deal with the person with respect. I made sure to log all the correct information so that it could be sent to the coroner’s department promptly.”

“I got my first arrest in on my third shift, someone who was a suspect for several offences. It felt good to have apprehended him, and knowing he was a suspect for other offences under investigation by my colleagues meant it was a good result all round.”

Claire would advise anyone interested in applying to become a police officer to go for it – it’s never too late to learn the ropes.

“I feel proud to put on the uniform and put into practice what I have learnt. It is also good to have that tutor support, I can ask questions, and address any worries or concerns I have, which all helps build your confidence.”